Can't upgrade Bun when trying to run bun upgrade in shell due to access being denied

Problem description:
Can’t internally upgrade Bun using bun upgrade because access is denied.

~/Example$ bun upgrade
bun v1.0.3 is out! You're on 1.0.2
error: Failed to move new version of bun due to AccessDenied. You could try the install script instead:
   curl -fsSL | bash

Expected behavior:
Bun is upgraded successfully.

Actual behavior:
Bun attempts to upgrade but throws an error and fails because access is denied.

Steps to reproduce:
Find an older version of a Bun REPL, make sure unzip is in your packages, if not, add this to your deps of your replit.nix: pkgs.unzip

Browser:Chrome 112
OS:Chrome OS Version: 112
Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank): Chromebook
Plan (Free, Hacker, Pro Plan):Pro



Thank you for reaching out. I have asked the engineering team to look into this issue.

In the meantime, you should be able to change the nix channel property of the hidden .replit file in your Repl to unstable which should give you the latest version of Bun that our Nix cache provides.

More on Nix: It is the global package manager we use to install languages and other packages onto Repls without requiring sudo or apt. We keep a snapshot of all of the Nix packages internally, so the versions on might be newer than the versions we carry. We do our best to update our snapshot on a regular monthly interval.


thank you! do you have any information on being able to upgrade to the canary version too? id just like being able to use the absolute latest features for experimentation

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The closest we have to a canary version is setting the Explorer role in We deliberately put beta features out to Explorers, but we don’t have a rolling release or pre-release flag for all features.

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