Can't See Student Name when viewing a repl

Hi - Am I missing something here? When I view a students submitted repl in Teams, I cannot see their name displayed anywhere, so I am not sure whose work I am viewing. Obviously I could remember whose I have clicked on, but then if I am reviewing a class full, I can click on the “>” arrow to display the next student’s work, but I do not know who it is, as I cannot see their name.
Is this just me, or is it the same for everyone? If so - I guess this would be a feature request from me lol.

Hi @tally apologies for missing this message and the delay in getting back to you!

If you click on the Teams tab (second bottom of the list) it will display the student name. There is currently work ongoing to stay on this tab when you move between students.

What I do when I’m marking my students’ work is to use Threads. If you begin to type a comment just use @ and this will show you the user name of the student who submitted this particular Repl.

Hope this helps!

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Hi - Thanks for this. The Teams tab only shows the student name when I click on the switch submissions drop down. The pupil I am on is highlighted. So that is great thank you, but it would be nice to have their name displayed somewhere visible without having to click on something. It just saves time when checking/marking their work to glance and remember whose work you are marking.
This is one step closer though - so thanks for the reply.
teams tab

Probably not as good as an integrated solution, but I put a prominent spot for the student’s name in my template.


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