Can't See Logs on a Deployed Repl

Problem description:
I can’t see any output on the logs tab on a deployed repl. The repl is working as expected.

When I run the repl in the playground it works fine and I can see logs.

*Before this I was getting the 500 status error, since then I have redeployed and I get the empty logs issue.

Expected behavior:
See output of console.log in logs tab

Actual behavior:
No logs.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Deploy nodejs Repl with console.log lines
  2. Check the log tab

Browser: Chrome
Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank): Windows
Plan (Free, Replit Core): Core

From what I understand after discussing with my colleagues, I believe this depends on the deployment which makes sense. For example, if i have a next.js app, console.log() statements in my server code will go to logs. if the console.log is in a react component, it will go to the browser console (unless the component is server-side rendered).

If you have an example Repl that isn’t sending the console.log() statements and you think it’s a bug, we can try to look into it. Otherwise, I’ll mark my answer as the resolved statement for now.

Yes I have an example nodejs/express deployed repl as an example. Also I deployed it twice to duplicate the issue (on the same and different repls).

Works fine on the playground.

What do you need?


@YaronLev Would you be able to make that Repl public so we can see it? You can click on the Repl name and there will be an option to switch it.
Also, how are you deploying it (i.e., Autoscale, Reserved VM Background Worker, Reserved VM Web Server)?

I cannot open it as I am not sure it’s entirely safe. It’s deployed with autoscale.

To be 100% sure, you are saying that server-side console.log should work fine on deployments logs, and only I have this issue?

@YaronLev Yes, so in general, Node prints should show up in the deployment logs. However, I am not saying this has been thoroughly tested so I’m happy to take a look if it’s not working for you. In fact, I would not be surprised if there was some inconsistency.
Would you mind inviting me to your Repl? My username is:

Hey. I decided to move to Google’s app engine as this doesn’t work. Also even if it would work, the log experience on deployment right now (tested on Vanila empty repl, nonautoscale) is pretty bad. Overall Replit was great to quickly deploy projects without needing to go through timely deployment, but since “always on” Repl is aborted and you have to deploy it which takes time with horrible logs, it no longer useful for me. I have canceled my subscription and all paid services.

I have invited your user, hope it help.


Understood and thanks so much @YaronLev. I forked a copy of your Repl to see what improvements can be made to our logging in the future. I’ll close out this thread since you’re migrating to another solution, but appreciate your feedback on this one.

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