Can't see keys from other accounts in replit db

does turning it into a website cost $$$

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Nope! Hosting is free on Replit!
Only Deployments is paid.

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so theres no reason I shouldnt…?

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Yeah, literally no reason. Completely free.


uhmmmm sorry to keep bugging you people, but my research skills arent the best, how do I turn it into a website, because all I see is deployment

Hi @beget !
You’ll have to create a HTML, CSS, JS repl for a website, or use a web framework like Flask (for Python), Rails (for Ruby), Express (for Node.js).

would using an sql database be more logical?

IIRC, sql databases are for a backend server, so you’ll have to use it for Python or Node.js.
Making a website involves creating a webpage with HTML and all, then if you want a database, you need to use Python or Node.js.

Sorry if I dont understand, At this point I’m just trying to make it so I have full access of the database

Before I launch into a complicated lecture about frontend and backend, could I know what language you are using?

absolutly lol, python

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So you are planning to use SQL? For that, you won’t need a frontend I suppose.
You can do that from a Python repl, no HTML needed.

yes, if an SQL Database will allow me to also have full access of it.

P.S. I messed around with SQLite a couple years ago, but dont really remember most of it

I suppose you could ask Phind or ChatGPT. I’m creating a game with SQLite, but that code is by ChatGPT. I can show you, though.

I will try those, I don’t want to take up too much of your time, but might maybe come back if it does not go as planned, tahnks!

If you want any help, feel free to ask me! (I’m here everyday!)

@beget if you use SQLite, you don’t need to make it a website. But if you want to stick with Replit DB, there are a few resources here on Ask about Flask, a Python web framework:

@NateDhaliwal, AFAIK, you don’t need a server at all for SQLite.

If you’d like it to sync between users, I think you will, but other than that, no.


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