Can't see keys from other accounts in replit db

Hello there, I have an issue in which I can’t see another accounts databases even though I’m an author. For example, My repl uses the replit db in order to create accounts and keep them encrypted, but even though I’m an author, I can’t see the keys other people add, I can’t delete keys other people add, and I can’t even see that keys are added. It’s almost like (which it is) the replit db keys are attached to the persons replit account. My goal it to literally just delete all the keys for everyone. Below is the repl, but prob wont be to useful. Thanks - me.

Hey there @beget, welcome to the community!

So basically, when you run a (non-website) Repl you don’t own from the cover page, Replit will automatically fork the Repl (this is known as a ghost fork).

And when a Repl is forked by a user who doesn’t have edit permissions, all Secrets’ values are lost and the Replit DB doesn’t save to the original Repl’s DB. The only way you can have the Database save among all users is by setting the DB’s URL which can be very insecure and can allow users to delete your entire DB, edit the DB’s keys, or even add their own keys. There isn’t anything that can be done about this other than to just change your Repl into a website.


Hi @beget , welcome to the forums!
The db is only visible to the user, unfortunately. You could make it global, but it would be very easy to hack.
EDIT: QwertyQwerty88 beat me to it…

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“hack” meaning what in this context?

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They’ll be able to delete your entire DB.

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Meaning that people can edit the database.

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does turning it into a website cost $$$

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Nope! Hosting is free on Replit!
Only Deployments is paid.

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Be sure to mark the reply you found most helpful as the solution, by the way.

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so theres no reason I shouldnt…?

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Yeah, literally no reason. Completely free.


uhmmmm sorry to keep bugging you people, but my research skills arent the best, how do I turn it into a website, because all I see is deployment

Hi @beget !
You’ll have to create a HTML, CSS, JS repl for a website, or use a web framework like Flask (for Python), Rails (for Ruby), Express (for Node.js).

would using an sql database be more logical?

IIRC, sql databases are for a backend server, so you’ll have to use it for Python or Node.js.
Making a website involves creating a webpage with HTML and all, then if you want a database, you need to use Python or Node.js.

Sorry if I dont understand, At this point I’m just trying to make it so I have full access of the database

Before I launch into a complicated lecture about frontend and backend, could I know what language you are using?

absolutly lol, python

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So you are planning to use SQL? For that, you won’t need a frontend I suppose.
You can do that from a Python repl, no HTML needed.

yes, if an SQL Database will allow me to also have full access of it.

P.S. I messed around with SQLite a couple years ago, but dont really remember most of it