Can't see anything in console

After deployment, I can’t see the deployments pane or any logs in the old console pane. The project is private was shared with me I did not deploy it.


Then you won’t be able to see the deployment tab.

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Then what’s the point of sharing with other devs if we can’t even access logs.

Ask them to send you a screenshot. :woman_shrugging:

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So that collaborators can’t mess with your deployment

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Okay but how are we going to debug?

I just said how above.

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Wow nice. Better move move on to other services.

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If you want, you can make a topic in Feature Requests suggesting allowing other users invited to a Repl to see deployment logs.

This is like common sense, how are multiple people going to work on the same project if they can’t even debug or run the thing.

Like Boston said, so people can’t mess up your deployment settings, connected domains, etc.

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Well, you’re the one paying for the Deployment. If you had a shared bank account for a business, but you were the only one who put money in it, would you want the other members to be able to take out money?

Umm just the console where you can see the program running. We had access to it before. Wasn’t talking about the whole thing. You seem to be a kid.

That’s what a lot of this forum is comprised of anyway. I get what you mean though, like with the bank account if you could let the other members see the transaction history on the bank account?

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Just the console tab here you can see errors and the logs from the program not the whole thing.