"Can't run this Repl" error - wasn't trying to run Repl

Problem description:
I deleted a Repl from replit.com/@CoderElijah and got the following error:

Expected behavior:
I should not get this Repl unless I am trying to run a Repl that has issues. IIRC I was trying to delete “CoderElijah Python”, which should not have any bugs and most certainly does not violate ToS. It is pinned to my profile; perhaps that caused it?

Actual behavior:
I should not get any errors of this sort while deleting Repls that aren’t even open.

Steps to reproduce:
N/A; appears to still have been deleted despite the error.

Bug appears at this link:

Firefox/Arch Linux/Lenovo

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So leave and reload don’t work?

He never said they didn’t.

The error went away on reload and did not appear again, but I see no cause for the error to have appeared in the first place since I was not trying to run a Repl at that time.

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