Cant install flask

Hi, I was having some Nix issues so I forked my original code to the ‘Space Hotel 2 Code’ and now I am not able to install Flask on the forked repl

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Any errors? Can you please provide more information.


Welcome to the community! Flask comes by default with Python Repls. If for some reason you need to install it, first try using poetry add flask, and if that doesn’t work, poetry remove flask; pip install flask.

I used poetry first because it should already be installed with poetry. Poetry is the Replit package manager, but pip also works.


What error(s) are you getting?

Perhaps, if you have the free plan, you have run out of Repl storage?

The storage limit is currently the same for all plans.

It says differently on this page.

Free plan: 0.5gb
Hacker plan: 5gb
Pro plan: 10gb

AFAIK those limits are not yet enforced.

It says “account storage”. We don’t really know what that means, but it is definitely not repl storage. (We have had a few bug reports saying they are not getting enough repl storage even though it says account storage).

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