Can't input "\" even after clearing keybinds

Hello! I am using Replit on my tablet via the browser since the mobile app isn’t supported in a meaningful matter on tablets. And whenever I want to input the \ character it just opens the “start new thread” window instead of typing that character. I use “Alt Gr” + “ß” (I’m on a german keyboard layout) and that method works for literally any other site, app, IDE or any other interface to input stuff. I am guessing this is related to my keyboard layout but I wanted to know if there is any other way to clear the Keybind that is connected to that input, because constantly having to copy & paste is annoying and shouldn’t be required. Also additional note that I’m using a physical keyboard, and inputting the "" character works anywhere else in Replit too just not inside the editor. If any additional info is required please tell me!

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edit: the last double quotes should obviously be filled with a \ and not a blank space (typo)