Cant import random

Question: How do i import random?

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you seem to have already imported random? what exactly do you need help with?

thank you for your reply, I appreciate it. When i press run I want to get random card dealt

this is pretty easy to do, just use random.randint(), with the first parameter being the lowest value you’d like to be able to pick (in your situation, 1), and the second parameter being the highest value you’d like to be able to pick. then you can just search it up in the array and print it out into the console

To get and remove a card from a list cards, you can pop a random index with random.randrange. Make sure to check that cards is not empty. (alternatives include random.choice and random.sample)

card = cards.pop(random.randrange(len(cards)))

If you do not need to remove the card from the list, use random.choice.

card = random.choice(cards)
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