Can't go to the next step in tutorial Day 9 of 100 Days of Python

Problem description:
Any time I try to go to the next page of the tutorial (Let’s add ‘int’), I get an error, “Your repl is having a bit of trouble.”

Expected behavior:
I get to see the next page of the tutorial on how to use ‘int’.

Actual behavior:
I get a screen of purple gibberish (to me).

Steps to reproduce:
Go to day 9 of the 100 days of python tutorial and press the next button at the bottom of the tutorial text pane.

Bug appears at this link:

MacOS ventura. Arc Browser.

Hey @clabanz! Welcome to the community!

Try deleting the Lesson Repl and recreating it again.

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@savardo Unfortunately, that’s not doing the trick.

Looking from the error codes on the left, you may have a firewall blocking some code from running or you have a slow internet connection. See if turning off the firewall or having a better connection fixes the problem.


Thank you, I’ll have to wait until I’m back home then. I did try it in Safari and it is working there. So it might be a browser thing with the most recent update to Arc.