cant get visuals to stay on turtle project

program runs. but can’t see the map with the hurricane run over it.
I can see it kinda works. but unsure. what do I do?

Repl link:

code snippet

Hello @gregeb13 and welcome to the community!

Looking at your code I found this:

def irma():
    """Animates the path of hurricane Irma
    (t, wn, map_bg_img) = irma_setup()

    # your code to animate Irma here

As it said in the comment, the function is empty, so no animation will happen.

You can do something simple like

for _ in range(4):
        t.forward(10)  # this will move hurricane forward by 10 units
        t.right(90)  # and this will turn hurricane to the right by 90 degrees

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