Cant get my server to start , replit provided server

Hiya so im using streamlit and usually from typing “streamlit run” the webpage side says looks like a server is running… . Now though that never comes up the shell bit outputs the usual localhost message as seen in the screenshot but doesn’t revert back to shell default state with XXX$ and I cant view or use the web content any ideas would be so appreciated :slight_smile: ? :

AVM link :
Smaller bit of AVM link:

both don’t work :sob:

One is a larger project that I intend to complete the “AVM” the other is a small bit of the avm to simply toogle off and on advanced search and I’m testing it , I just can’t get the servers to start , To jumpstart it running the whole thing with the green button works but only for a few seconds before saying again start a server…

Image 2 : imgur bc I can only embed 1 image in a post L :frowning: but now I can only put 2 links in so , ill comment the link :slight_smile: :confused:


code snippet


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This topic is a valid bug report but has already been reported. Please search before posting bug reports in the future.

The original bug report can be found here.