Can't get into portrait on Android App (Galaxy Tab A 8.4)

The title says it, I don’t think there is too much to add. It will start in portrait if I’m holding the tablet as such but it switches to landscape and won’t adjust. Works fine using a browser on the tablet. I updated android and no luck there.

I bought the tablet to use Replit at work so I’m hoping this isn’t going to be incredibly disappointing.

Is there anything I’ve missed or is this just some bug?

Hi @DanielDemchak, welcome to the community!

This sounds like it might be a bug with the Replit mobile app.

I would recommend sending an email to and they should be able to file a bug report with the correct team.

I don’t know if this is the same for you, but try to see if the "Portrait"button is blue. This will lock your tablet in a view that you don’t want, so make sure it’s off.

Pretty sure they want the opposite. They’re trying to switch it back to portrait but it’s not working.

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