Can't Fork/Use Template on your own Repls

Problem description:
With the new UI ofc there are new bugs. You can’t fork your own Repl/use your own template.

Expected behavior:
Option to fork/use your own template

Actual behavior:
No option to fork/use your own template

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to account settings and enable Explorer role
  2. Create a Repl
  3. Go to the Repl cover page
  4. Look for Fork or Use Template button. They’re gone!

Bug appears at this link:
Any Repl created by you.

Works on any.

Temporary Solution:
So I guess I can just fork it on a different account and then fork that on my main account but that’s a lot of work lol.


You can hit the Edit button on the cover page and fork from within the Workspace for the moment being. Will pass this along to the team.


This was fixed recently, thanks for flagging!


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