Cant find error appear as syntax error might be a stupid mistake because the code was working before

can someone find the error here for my school project it might be a stupid mistake as the code used to work a while ago:

this project is a messy and incomplete sorry

That error message actually seems to be incorrect. It says it is syntax, but it really should be throwing a different error. Try checking your indentation.


checked my indentation still don’t know my error observed the colon placement and it’s all the same it only sparks and error message on my first colon on the first if condition why?

The arrow shouldn’t be on the colon, not sure why Python is doing that. Not exactly sure we can give you the answer for a question like this, but cCheck indentation on that line specifically.

Edit: Since it’s such a simple question, there’s no harm in giving the answer I think.


I also thought the error was the indentation
but actually I forget to close it :smiling_face_with_tear:

Then for some reason the indentation worked I wondered why it didn’t work when you told me to fix it . Then found out thx for the help an yes it took me this long to find the error and my project is due in a few days.

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Wow, Python never allows indentation like that.


But it’s good you found your issue!

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