Can't find Deployment tab in Python

hi i cant find the development tab in my python api code

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What do you mean by development tab? There is no tab labeled “Development”.


Hi @ranveersoni1 , welcome to thr forums!
Are you referring to the Deployment button? You are right… it has disappeared. Not even the tab exists. Visual bug maybe?


yeah idk where it is

the deployment button

I’m seeing it just fine on both an HTML Repl and a Python Repl.

Maybe try clicking on the Repl name in the top left, I think there should be an option to deploy from there

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There’s also a button in the top right of the editor.

ohhh, I know why.

@ranveersoni1 Were you invited to that Repl? If so, you’re not able to access Deployments on it; only the owner can. If you want to deploy, ask the owner of the Repl to do it. Since you’re a member in Multiplayer though then you don’t have permissions to deploy.
Nevermind, you have the invite button so you are the owner but it’s a Multiplayer Repl. Very odd. Maybe it disappears for all members of a Multiplayer Repl? Could you try making a new Python Repl and see if it’s there? Then invite someone to it and see if it’s there still?

its a team repl so like could it be that?


nvm i reforked the repl it could be because it was made before the update and not it works!!!

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