Can't find course "100 days to code" here in app

Looking for course “110 days to code” here on app

Hello, @atmopra , and welcome to Replit Ask! Could you explain what’s not working? If you’re having issues with your repls’ websites (I noticed that your account doesn’t seem to have a cert), try waiting a few hours.

Hi 9pfs,I’m literally just starting to code and had done day 1 of “100 days to code”. It recommended using the app instead (I was using Android chrome on my phone) so I went to the app but can’t find the course there. I know the optimum is to do the course on chrome on my PC, so maybe I’ll forget about android.

Maybe try using your web browser on your phone instead, that might work.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they have the 100 days to code on the Mobile App yet. I think you can start the course on a browser or PC, and once you have the Repl to code on, you can open that Repl on the app and code there. But the actual courses page hasn’t been added into the app.

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Thanks CoderGautam… that answers my question. :pray:

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