Can't download my Repl as Zip

Hi ! I’m unable to download my repl as a zip. It starts the download but the download gets canceled automatically. I have sufficient memory on my computer so I don’t understand…

Could you please help me out ?

Replit Profile:

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Hi @ZacharieLaik , welcome to the forums!
Go to this link in your web browser:
Change username and repl-name to your username and repl’s name respectively.
Or, go to your repl’s url and add .zip at the back.
Hope this helps!

Thanks for responding ! The issue remains though, and the download gets canceled unexpectedly…

Any other ideas ?

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@ZacharieLaik Could you send a screenshot or a screen recording of the problem on your side?


Sure, thanks ! Download starts fine :

But after a while (this varies from 2 sec to 2 minutes), it says “Erreur réseau”.

Which means “Network error”. However, I have tried this from multiple networks and computers…
I fear the zip is too large… Is there any workaround solution ?

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Hi @ZacharieLaik !
I’m afraid not… is your internet stable?

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