Can't deploy. Teams Pro Customer but it asks to bill

Problem description:
I am in Teams Pro paid plan. I should have 5 vm deployments available. I just tore down 1 deployment and went to deploy a different repl but it won’t let me and instead asks me to
upgrade my plan or add a payment method. I only have 2 repls deployed so I am nowhere near the limit. It also knows that I have a Teams Pro plan based on the response if I click on Static deployment for example as it says those are not available for Teams Pro plan members.

Expected behavior:
I expected to be able to deploy.

Actual behavior:
it asks me to upgrade my plan or add billing info. It knows I am already on Teams Pro Plan because other options like Static deployments it tells me are not available on my Teams Pro Plan.

OS: macos
Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank):
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA:
desktop app and also on web
Plan (Free, Replit Core):
Teams Pro

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@avataraustin. Thanks for reporting this. I see what you mean and I’m taking a look with the team internally.

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@avataraustin This should now be fixed. Please feel free to test and verify.


The user interface issue went away, however when I actually try to deploy it gives yet another error as can be seen in this screen shot.

Thanks and sorry about the inconvenience here. Taking a look at this one.

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@avataraustin Please try again when you have a moment. Thanks so much.

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seems to work now. thanks.

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