Can't deploy project, getting hostingpid1: an open port was not detected

I’m getting this error doesn’t matter what I do. Tried adding:

localPort = 3000
externalPort = 8099

to my .replit file, but it also didn’t work.

That will not change anything. The point is, there is no open port, because your project is console based. If you want to start up a port, a simple way to do so is with Flask. If I may ask, what deployment type are you using?

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try deploying as a service worker instead of a web app.

web apps act as a server for web browsers, while service workers don’t need to handle web traffic.

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I’m using Autoscale, should that work?

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that’s what I need, I don’t need to handle web traffic, how do I change it?

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Well, auto scale only starts up when it receives traffic, so a Reserved VM would be more suitable for your use case.