Can't deploy. No log:"stream not found". Hanging on " Booting worker with pid: 34"


I’m having a few issues trying to deploy a simple Flask app. Fairly new to replit and python/flask, so I might be making a really simple error somewhere, but I’m also seeing weird things like no logs and hanging/timing out when trying to build a 1 file server.

Originally I ran into some issues with copy env secrets and not calling the right prod run command, but I think I fixed that???

Any ideas?

Will your repl work correctly without a deployment? Deployments tend to be buggy at times.

Yup, compiles and runs the dev & prod server fine

Then maybe just use that, rather than a deployment…


I need the production server deployed so I can access it with my app

Whats the point of deployments that dont, deploy???

Hey, I’d be happy to look into this for you. Deployments are indeed a good fit for this use case if you’re trying to build something that will reliably stay up and won’t interfere with your development state.

Can you share the Repl that you’re trying to deploy?

We recently fixed the “stream not found” error so you shouldn’t be seeing that any more.

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