Can't create private Repl with GitHub Student Developer Pack

I created this Replit account a few days before getting my GitHub Student Developer Pack Approval, but when I log in to Replit with my GitHub account, there is no option to create a private Repl. Both my Replit and GitHub use the same student email. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the GitHub account but it didn’t work.

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Hi @1811chleb !
Can you email


Thank you! I have sent a ticket and wait for a reply.


I’m not entirely sure as I did this a few months ago, but I think just linking your GitHub account to your Replit account is not enough. You have to go to the GitHub student pack website and look for Replit, and then click on redeem.

But again this might be wrong, but try it and see I guess.


About a year ago (when the offer was for three months of hacker) I linked my github account for Git purposes, and immediately got the hacker plan. It might be different now, though.


I believe that you will no longer recieve benefits within replit from the github dev pack.

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Thank you for the suggestion, but as of now GitHub only has a link to Replit page and no redeem button, so I think they’ve changed the method recently.

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Last I checked, it was only that the free hacker was dropped down to just 6 months of private repls. If this has changed, there should be something about it.


The other day I noticed that I could no longer make free private Repls and I thought it was weird because I don’t think it’s been six months, but maybe they just removed it now?

Yes, we have some current issues with the GitHub Student Developer Pack not redeeming for some folks and hence not receiving those 6 months of free Repls. It should work if:

  1. You are connected to GitHub from Replit.
  2. Your student/educational email matches in GitHub and Replit.
  3. You have redeemed the GitHub Student Developer Pack as approved by GitHub. I believe it can only be redeemed once from GitHub.

I have a colleague looking to fix those integration issues but if you are still having issues after reviewing the above items, please go ahead and send Support an email with a few screenshots. Ideally, screenshots of the student/educational emails in both Replit and GitHub, and also a screenshot of the page in GitHub that shows you did redeem the pack.


Based on other things from the pack it works like that for limited time things and not ones where its while you are a student


I sent a ticket to the support team and they fixed it for me. Thanks a lot.

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