Can't copy Unit from one team to another

Question: When I try to copy a Unit from one team to another (educational), Replit will not copy indicating it experienced a Validation Error. Any idea how to fix this?

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

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code snippet

I don’t get an error, but I similarly can’t copy. The projects just never show up in destination team.

Hey @cdecastro1 and @TimothyClark!

Can you please tell me the project and the teams you are copying to and from so we can take a look?

All my unit 1 projects: CSA111, CSA112, CSA113…etc from this share link:

Team from:
Team to:

Edit: I just tried it now on my home computer and it worked fine. So either you fixed the bug, or the problem is on my work computer/internet. I’ll try unit 2 tomorrow at work and post a reply if it works or not.

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It is working fine for me at work today. Thanks!

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