Cant connect GoDaddy sub domains?

My go daddy domain which I’ve bought is connected to one of my repls under my name, the daily news. After I create another repl and try to connect a subdomain of that domain eg:, i am unable to connect, its stuck on domain linking for way too long, I’ve checked ttl and that’s set to 600s so that’s not the problem. When I go to that domain ( it says “Run this Repl to see the results here.” even when the repl is been run. The other repl that’s connected to the domain using A record works perfectly but this wouldn’t work, can I get some help? Thanks

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Hey @thedailynews!

Your issue might be related to this issue, which we have explained a workaround and the inner workings here:

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I am facing the same problem. Is yours solved?

You mentioned there is a workaround. Can you be more specific?

For Godaddy case, is switching to cloudflare the only solution?

thank you!

Yes, using CloudFlare for your DNS is the recommended solution. GoDaddy does not work with Replit as per the comment I made above. Cloudflare is compatible which is why we recommend using that for the DNS of your custom domain.