Can't close Replit tab because it's saving code, but it never saves

Many times when I finish coding something I wan’t to close the Replit tab, or reload or go to another reply. But it says “changes may not be saved” even after like 5 minutes after the last edit, so it should be saved by then. Also if I run the program, it runs the updated code so that means it’s saved, right?

Is it safe to reload or will I lose all my code?

I will suggest to download the code then try reloading and closing tab.And see it saves or not.

In most case I have came across same problem but my code was saved cannot say that everytime it will work better to have some backup if it’s something very important.

You can take a small screen recording and submit as bug nextime it happens to notify engineers.


But it happens all the time, so downloading and reuploading every five minutes isn’t really ideal. And the thing is that most of the time it saves, it’s just sometimes that it doesn’t, even though it always prompts before reloading.

Hi @LuisAFK if it happens a lot then you should definitely log this with support by clicking on Report a Bug from the ? icon bottom left of any Repl.

It could be due to many reasons, even the firewall you use to connect to the Replit site.

This happens to me too. I think whenever I get that message after that Replit doesn’t know if it has been saved or not and it will show the message no matter what, but as long as you wait a bit it usually is saved.

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