Can't add secrets to Flask autoscale deployment: "failed to send deployment lifecycle client command: CONNECTION_CLOSED"

Problem description

I have “1 secret out of sync” so when I click on that message it offers to add the missing secret, and when clicking “+ Add secret” it looks like it is being added, but it doesn’t get added; instead I get the error message, “failed to send deployment lifecycle client command: CONNECTION_CLOSED”

Expected behavior

I need to add the new secret to my deployment.

Actual behavior

I can’t add new secrets to my deployment.

There is nothing in the deployment or server logs pertinent to or even concurrent with the error.

Steps to reproduce

Fork and try to add some secrets to an autoscale deployment. Unknown.





Device if mobile



Core membership

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Completely deleting (“shut down”) the deployment and then redeploying it with the same parameters successfully added all three secrets. So I guess that is the solution…

think it’s a nice topic!:+1:

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