Can't access my repl

what could be tha matter

Replit Profile:
Not found error: This is not the page you’re looking for.

Hey @SolomonKimanzi! Welcome to the community!

What is the link to your Repl?

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It might have gotten community flagged if you posted the repl, though a link might help us.



So you can’t access your repl? Can I get the link to the repl? BTW, the link you provided will not work as your username goes after the @ part (so it would be or whatever your username is on Replit)

You won’t be able to access the repl if it’s a proxy or anything that is not allowed on Replit. If it is allowed on Replit then I would check if it is deleted or something. If so, you can restore it at CLUI.

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I think that’s just part of the template fields…


OK, thanks for telling me.