Cant Access Extensions/CLUI in Replit

I am using an iPad with a keyboard case (yes I have a laptop but I use this most of the time). I finally got some time to fiddle with extensions- only; I can not even open the CLUI in the Repl to set it up. “CMD+K” nor “CTRL+K” work and it will not let me open it in a new tab. What do I do?

The MAC alternative should work, but it doesnt.

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@GiggaPoggers any help? I know you make extensions.

You can click on your username in the top left corner and click clui

Possibly Ip exclusive

Yeah but the readme says click “url”, which isn’t available when I used that method. Just” create”, “open”, etc. Tried using create… didn’t work.

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could i have a screenshot?

Of what exactly?

There are many things.

Idk like when you click on the clui the options… or maybe a screen rec of everything that deosnt work

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There is Jsut no “URL” button, that’s it, i nthe CLUI.

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There should be a From this Repl button