Can't access any file other than main from cover page on mobile web

I just noticed a big issue with these fork-only repls: it shows the main file of the program, but not other files. @soren can this be fixed? No other files can be accessed.

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I can’t reproduce this issue.

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Try it:
There should be videos and a folder. Check the code.

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Yeah, I can’t reproduce it there either.

I see. I am on mobile, using the web version.

Yeah this occurs on web mobile, can repro.


why did this even happen on replit? this is probably not even gonna a website/app in a minute because the user rates would drop down cause no one would use it? you cant even run it on te website version and no longer can comment? it dont make any sense

I’m not able to repro this. :confused:

Could you share more? Are you forking from mobile web?

I forked the repl linked above on mobile web and it worked.

I believe Nate is simply viewing the Repl from mobile web.

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Got it. Looking into this.

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Bug is still around, but a workaround is to put the phone into landscape mode or turn on desktop mode for the browser.