Cannot setup reserved VM with Team Plan

Problem description

Im trying to use a reserved VM to replace my now non-working always on.
But it says “not included in your plan” while actually on the previous page it says i have 5 reserved VMs included in my plan?

Expected behavior

I want to be able to create my deployment on a reserved VM that should be part of my Team Plan credits

Actual behavior

button is disabled and orange warning tells mer to go to Billing

Steps to reproduce

Go to deployments and see if you can use a reserved VM as a team





Device if mobile




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@AdrienVaschalde I see what you mean. Looking into it.

Thank you very much!

Can you confirm it is indeed a bug hence i can expect to be able to use this feature once fixed?

@AdrienVaschalde You’re very welcome.
I will let you know but it is possible this is a bug. Our development team is looking into it.

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@AdrienVaschalde As a workaround, if you add your credit card information to your Replit Account > Billing section, does that clear up the error?

You do currently receive 5 Reserved VMs with your Teams plan, but the Replit account in general requires a card on file. You should not be charged as long as you deploy under 5 Reserved VMs total within your Teams.

I am not sure why that billing section isn’t picking up your payment information since you’re clearly paying for Teams. That is probably where the bug is, but if the workaround suffices, then we have more time to develop a longer-term fix.

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I added a card in the billing section of my account, but it still gives me the same error.

I also went and checked in the org settings but it takes me to Stripe billing (where i use the same card btw)

@AdrienVaschalde It should be fixed now. Once you have a moment, may I request that you give it another try?

It is! thank you very much for the quick fix everyone!

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