Cannot select suggestions in some languages

When coding using replit mobile editor, I cannot select code suggestions in some languages(e.g., Golang).

In Python I can select “Accept Suggestion” , but cannot in Golang.

Is there any way to fix this?

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Can you test this on the website too? Some languages just don’t have language server support from replit, so they would not work on any platform.

Edit: May I also ask how this has anything to do with ghostwriteR? Unless you mean ghostwriter suggestions, which afaik only supports python and js, not any others.

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Thanks for your comments!

Code suggestion itself is available in both language.
In a mobile environment, we need some keyboard UI to apply code suggestions.
In Python repl, I can see a keyboard UI to apply code suggestions, but cannot in Golang repl.

Do you have Ghostwriter enabled?

It’s probably yes.
I’m new to Replit, so I’m not sure where to confirm this, but I have a Pro account, and I understand that Ghostwriter is available for Pro accounts, so I believe I’m using it.

Tools → Settings → Scroll down to “Ghostwriter” and check if it’s enabled.



I was a bit confused, but now I understand.
In the web browser version, there is a Ghostwriter section in the settings, and it is enabled.
On the other hand, the mobile app version does not have a Ghostwriter section in the settings.

What I want to do is to fix the issue where the keyboard UI for applying code suggestions does not appear in repls of some languages in the mobile app version.
I think Ghostwriter is probably not related to this issue.


So it works on the web version for go? And not just the option in settings, I mean like does it have code suggestions.

・Ghostwriter is enabled in both Python REPL and Go REPL.
・Code suggestions work in both REPLs, on both the web version and the mobile app version.
・In the keyboard UI, code suggestions can be applied in the Python REPL, but not in the Go REPL.
・There is no change to the keyboard UI even when turning off Ghostwriter in the Go REPL.

I tried several other language environments as well, and it seems that the keyboard UI indeed varies depending on the language environment.


These two statements are conflicting, if it does not work on mobile on the go repl, but also works on mobile?

They aren’t conflicting :slightly_smiling_face:
The code suggestions work on both Repls as shown in the screenshots:


However the Accept suggestion button only shows up on the Python Repl:

That was the original issue, so by “working” it is normal to assume that the main issue is resolved…

It has not been resolved!

Exactly why I said it was conflicting, and wanted to clarify

Thanks QwertyQwerty54 for the reference images.
Indeed, that very point is the issue at hand.


After some investigation, I discovered that the issue is not with the language repl itself, but that the keyboard UI does not appear for files with specific extensions. Regardless, it seems this issue cannot be resolved immediately, so I have submitted a feature request: Keyboard UI to select code suggestions for files with a specific extension in a mobile environment


@yoheikikuta @QwertyQwerty88 thank you for the patient discussion and the resolution by posting the feature request.