Cannot search past 20 pages of results - please try a different page of results

I buy premium still same I need a see some codes for my developing sofftware.

Hey, @AliAltintas welcome to the forums!

Can you elaborate on what you are having trouble with


how can i fix this I wanna see all pages

Try being more specific with you search, what exactly are you looking for? If you want something of that exact name, try checking the “exact match” box.

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I know what i doing i spent money for fix this I wanna see all pages why pages limited as 20 lol

I don’t think any of the plans have “limitless site & experience optimizations” on them, so what do you mean by this:

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lol your sites makes manipulation people to pay something for better, check these text on premium page HAAH… good idea I dont care the amount I just trying to see.

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