Cannot run repl

I’m using replit for edu but one of my repl stopped working. It just says Loading Nix Environment. And it cannot even load the cpu, ram, storage usage i cannot even run the repl. When i fork it it doesn’t work same thing happen and when i try to download as zip it loads forever.

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Other repl still work.

So ALL other repls work fine? Personally, this has never happened to me and has not happened when I created a new repl and I do get the “Loading Nix Enviornment” in Shell (IIRC) but it always goes away in a few seconds. What template (like HTML/CSS/JS or Node.js) is this repl using (may help idk) and can I please get a link to your repl? I will try forking it and see if that happens to me.

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Projects are private but OP could fork and set the owner to him/herself so you could fork.

I will make add you to a member.

I will try make you a member seems to also have this problem in both console and shell.


That too is happening in the fork. I am not able to run the project, and this is what the CPU, RAM, and storage look like:
and I’m also not able to download the project as a .zip file. The new tab that is created is stuck on loading.

Perhaps this is a bug that belongs at #support:bug-reports

I submitted a issue to replit’s team

And it’s exactly what i had