Cannot run Repl program in spotlight mode

Why can’t I run my own Repls in spotlight mode?

Its been a while since I’ve been on the platform. I returned today because in a week, I’m presenting one of my programs in my school for a school coding project. When I go into spotlight mode, I can’t run my own repls. @SalladShooter explained to someone else how the run button for other people’s programs on the spotlight page was removed, but this makes no sense. So, in the end I decide to just run my program and present to the school in the “edit in workspace” terminal. When I enlarge this terminal, it glitches a little when I run the program and doesn’t function properly. Long story short, the terminal doesn’t show the executed code properly, only the spotlight page did. Now that the spotlight page run button was removed I don’t know what to do.
The terminal is very hard to work with I can’t explain this very well with screenshots either.
Please look into this. I have done everything from my end coding the program, now I can’t view it in its best form.

It’s just part of Replit’s new changes.

What for, by the way?

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is your terminal problem related to any of these topics:

It would be helpful if you revealed what browser, device, and OS you are using.

Also, you can make the terminal (console) fullscreen in the editor by clicking the three dots on the editor window it is in, and then clicking Maximize.


Fun fact, you can also double click on the title bar!


Do you enlarge it when it is running or afterwards?
If you do, try enlarging it first, before running the repl.
Also, what is the repl about? A website or GUI (turtle, tkinter)?

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For a passion project in school :slight_smile: