Cannot Get SDL to Display a Window With C++

I assume this belongs in Replit Help, but it may belong in Code Help.
I’ve been trying to get SDL to work with C++, for a bunch of projects that I’ve been working on that require output and usage of C++. But, i can’t get output to work within my Repl’s, despite using the right code.
I’ve been importing SDL into the Repl’s I’ve been intending to use it for, and tested the code with whats avalible on, which i was told i should check out for an explanation.
I know its possible due to the person who showed me the code than getting the output to work, but I’ve since than retired the project, at least for now, and they removed SDL from the main Repl, running it on their device i believe they said.
So, is it possible to get SDL to work in a Repl?

From what I know, only certain libs work with replit, such as python tk and turtle. I have not been able to get any other libs to work.

SDL should work on Replit if configured right, that said, knowing how to configure it right is another story.

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I take it .replit needs to be reconfigured.

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I’ve got it working here
But on replit you’d usually rather do graphics via website. You could see if you can compile to WebAssembly.


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