Cannot find module '/home/runner/discord/index.js'

Question: my repl is saying that it cant find index.js

Repl link:

Error: Cannot find module '/home/runner/discord/index.js'
Require stack:
- /nix/store/qpnf0dafrfsbcwb4z7cphjm0dff0vl7l-prybar-nodejs-0.0.0-e0d9a52/prybar_assets/nodejs/module-context-hook.js
- /tmp/prybar-nodejs-647634110.js
    at Module._resolveFilename (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:995:15)
    at Function.resolve (node:internal/modules/cjs/helpers:109```

Hello @rynnkim and welcome to the community!

In your package.json file, the start script is set to node . --trace-warnings . The environment is looking for the index.js file in the root directory, because node . means it should execute the index.js file located in the root directory. And looking to you structure, your index is not in the root but inside a folder called src.

You have to change the start script to explicitly point at your index.js file located inside the src directory. Like this:

"start": "node src/index.js --trace-warnings",