Cannot find Created repl file after selecting Owner as one of the team

I am using Teams and when I create a repl and set Owner to be one of the team and make it private I am not able to find it after closing the page. I check in My Repls and the Team but it is not there. What am I missing?

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Hey @raisanish!

Do you remember the name of one of the Repls that you created but no longer have access to? I’d be happy to dig into this and find the Repl!


I just created one named TestingRep with my team named Notes the owner.

Projects in Education Teams are a special type of Repl, separate from regular Repls.

Currently, using the new Repl menu will create a regular Repl, not a Project. To ensure that you are creating Projects, please go to your team’s page on Replit (<team-name>) and create Projects from there. This is the recommended method until we can fix the bug in the create Repl menu.

I hope this clarifies the issue for you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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