Cannot Create GitHub Repo From Repl

I recently created a repl and wish to create a github repo for this repl. I already connected repl with github about 9 months ago and was able to do this with a different project then. Now, however, the following happens:

  1. In my current repl, I open a Git tab and click “New Repo”
  2. A window pops up. I click +Create repository.
  3. Another window saying “Connect to Github” opens. I click on “Connect Replit to your GitHub Account.”
  4. This takes me to a page, “Install Replit Online IDE”, and asks where I want to install Replit Online IDE. I select my account.
  5. This takes me to another page where it lists replit permissions and repository access. I reselect “all repositories” (this was already selected from before). I click “save.”
  6. I am taken back to the window from (2). Nothing has changed.
    This cycle keeps repeating. Can anyone help?

Try reloading your page, CTRL+F5 and see if that helps.

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately reloading doesn’t seem to change anything.

Did you check that your Replit account is connected to your Github account? You can do this by going to “Account” in your account dropdown and scrolling all the way down till you find “Connected Accounts”.

If it is not, you may need to connect again from there, as doing it from the Git tab is unreliable.

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What about closing and opening the git panel? And if you are a explorer try disabling the new git panel. Lastly, you could probably do it all through git commands, and you could try that.

My account was already connected (I checked through the Account page as you recommended). After disconnecting and reconnecting it seems to work. Thank you!

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