Cannot create a new education team

I’ve created two teams and I’ve deleted them because I was testing how it works. Now I want to create one and it says “Organization Limit Reached”

Hi @redscorpse thank you for your message.

This usually occurs when the user hasn’t yet been verified as an educator. Can you please send me a DM with your Replit username and I’ll check.

Hi! I changed for one day my email for the .edu one and I’ve also waited a few days, then I’ve tried to create the team again and now I have done it successfully.

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Hi @redscorpse glad to hear that you have managed to solve the issue!

Hi @IanAtReplit! I have the same issue. I didn’t quite understand the solution. Do I need to change my email? My school email is the one I’m currently using for Replit :slight_smile:

Hi @drebee thanks for your message. Can you please email and they will investigate if there is any reason behind the delay in verification. Thanks!

Edit: I think it’s because your work email address doesn’t have an .edu or similar. So definitely email the above address for help here.

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