Cannot connect my account to GitHub

Problem description:

When clicking on connect to github on, I get redirected and then the error is thrown with no successful connection:


Interesting though, is that I was able to pull my public repos and work on them, but I cannot push back :thinking:

Bug appears at this link:





Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA:


Plan (Free, Hacker, Pro Plan):

I’m already a paying member with paid cycles. I’m also using the Desktop app and have some important changes to commit and I cannot push to my repo.

This is what I see in the Desktop app:

Hey @gus10 . Thanks for reporting this issue. A few things we can check:

  1. Review your Replit account email and your primary GitHub email. The simplest scenario with most success is having them match in a 1:1 relationship. This can be worth testing to see if it’s the issue. Also, if you have multiple Replit accounts, make sure you’re not already connected to this same GitHub on another account. We’ve seen that cause issues in the past.

  2. Before testing again, make sure everything is disconnected and you’re logged out from GitHub and Replit. Then try clearing your browser cache. Alternatively, you can test using another browser (or Chrome Incognito mode). This will help give you a clean test between sessions and also helps ensure there isn’t a browser/extension issue.

  3. Lastly, we have a guide here on troubleshooting this, which mostly covers having the right permissions to do the GitHub requests.

Let us know how your testing goes.


@SuzyAtReplit thx for your reply.
So I did the following:

I created a new account by Signing Up with GIthub, but then another issue occurred:
The email associated to the replit account is not my default Github email address?

Also, I cannot change the email address of this new replit account because it asks for my password, but given I logged in with Github, I didn’t use a password? :thinking:

The “old” replit account is under:, the new github account is under my github username: netpoe

Can you delete my account, and transfer my current Cycles credit to the new netpoe account?

I would also like to change the new netpoe account email to netpoe@aufacicentacom


If you didn’t login with a password, you can use the Reset Password flow and get one:

Hopefully then you’re able to reset it and change your email address. You can also request deletion of your own accounts:

If you need your cycles transferred (or if you have any other requests account-wise), I’d recommend you to send a private support request for that. There may be some user/account verification that needs to be done. In the “Contact us” , click the button to open the support form:

Feel free to delete/edit your last comment so your email addresses aren’t publicly available. I don’t want anyone spamming you or otherwise causing pain for you by using your personal emails.

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