Cannot change password/email (I signed up with google.)

Hi @Cerealistic welcome to the community.

I see you have already contacted support regarding this and their response is correct. For security reasons they cannot send a link to reset an account password to another email address.

If you are trying to get into existing Repls on your other account you are able to fork them if they are public. I think this would be the best way to get existing code into a new account that you are able to access.

If the issue is that you cannot log into your Google account then I’m afraid you will have to contact Google support for help here. You said your email is filtered so I am guessing you are using a work / school Google account that has email turned off. If this is the case your work / school should be able to reset the Google password for you.

Hope this helps.


It’s not my Google account, It’s not even a major issue. I just needed to swap the email of my replit account, is there any way I could get a reset link?

@IanAtCSTeach It’s also mainly so my followers don’t end up confused if I delete my account, and I can continue using my main account.

Hi @Cerealistic if you can log into your original account you can change the email address to a new one.

Just click on Profile and then scroll down until you see this;

Then click Change.

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I do not know my password to change it.

Your wording was quite confusing, then.

This implies that you have access to the account.

I don’t think you understand, I have access but need the password changes, but I cannot receive emails and do not know my password. I login with google when I need to login.

You can first turn off the filters temporarily from your Gmail account to allow you to receive Replit’s email.

You can then “reset” the password by going to and typing your Gmail account in.

You should receive an email from Replit to click a link to “reset” your password. Click on it and type in a password for your account.

After that’s all done, you can re-enable your filters for your Gmail account.

@savardo Here is the problem: I do not have control over the filters and have already contacted my superiors, but they will not remove it.

Contact the Replit support team again and tell them about the situation you are in.

If they still sent you an email, tell them that you can’t access your Gmail account and instead ask them to send the password reset link directly.

Hi @TheCerealist I can see that you are stuck in a loop here. Because you don’t have email you can’t reset the password and because you sign in with a Google account you don’t know the password.

However if you are already able to log in to your Google account and know the Google account password this should be the Replit password as well. Have you tried this?

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I have tried this it is invalid.

I signed up with Google, and I had the same issue. I wanted to change the email I signed up with, but it needed a password. I was told to use, but because of filters set up by my school I couldn’t receive it. I was able to contact an admin, and they changed it using your clui mutation. Can’t that be used here?


That’s what I need for @TheCerealist but staff have not done as requested in my support requests. I want this account’s email to be @TheCerealist email.

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Nice insight, thanks @PikachuB2005 . I’ll reach out to support and see what is possible!

I feel like this thread has reached an end, if the support team will go through with it.

Hi @Cerealistic afaik someone from Replit should have reached out to you by now. If this issue is resolved please let me know so we can close this topic.

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