Cannot Access My Account

I don’t really know where to put this post, but I’m kind of locked out of my account. This account was made just for posting but I cannot login to my main account. Whenever I click the login button, it automatically logs me in to this account connected to my replit account. This means that I effectively can’t access my original Replit Ask account at all.

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Welcome to the community! Try going to instead of If you need to get in touch with support, go here.

If you want to use your primary account to log on the forum, you must first log in to your primary account on the main site; similarly, if you want to use your alt account on the forum, you must first log in to your alt account on the main site. That’s how it works; if you’re referring to the main site, consider clearing your cookies.


Re-reading your post I think I understand your issue. You can probably ask the staff to merge the two accounts, as you can only login with replit on the forums now.


Yeah, I just reread the topic, and I think that’s what his error is. I believe @9pfs1 is experiencing the same issue.

To clarify - I created an account some time ago (now a paid Hacker account) but cannot login to it with any of 3P linked account info. So I created this account so I could get on the forums to ask about it. I think the staff monitor these forums – right?

I do have that issue, but I like this account.