Can you use something other than Nix as a Package Manager?

Important question.

I was wondering if it was possible to switch to a different Package Manager instead of Nix.

Every time I try to install the Package Manager, Homebrew I get this:

==> Checking for sudo access (which may request your password)...
Insufficient permissions to install Homebrew to \"/home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew\" (the default prefix).

Alternative (unsupported) installation methods are available at:

Please note this will require most formula to build from source, a buggy, slow and energy-inefficient experience.
We will close any issues without response for these unsupported configurations.

And the script I used to try to install Homebrew, was this:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

I don’t know why this happens, but it annoys me alot.

Hey @Pikachu!

Unfortunately, you don’t get sudo in Replit, as that would be a security risk.

Replit is also setup to work with nix, and would likely need a lot of configuration to allow other system package managers.

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Thanks for the info!

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