Can you use replitDB for real websites?

I’m curios if it is possible to use replitDB for a real website?

Hi @RedCoder !
Yes, I believe you can.
As the website won’t be a ghost fork (unlike the Cover Page), the DB will work as expected.


I think you’d have to have a backend for it to be even remotely secure.

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I’m using Flask for backend.

Good to know! Is ReplitDB actually a relatively good DB though, or do you have a suggestion for a DB that is better but is equally as simple as Replit DB?

I dunno MongoDB but Sqlite3 can be done, plus there’s a sqlite3 module in Python.

I think I meant to make a version of SQL that you could use like ReplitDB, I guess I’ll look at that again.

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yes you can you just have to own a domain to use

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