Can you please make an add your own programming language feature

I have made a programming language and would like to put it on replit but I can’t! Can you please add a feature to add custom programming languages!

If you add this feature, it will help you have more programming languages to showcase and developers who just want their programming language out in the world!

I was trying to add my own language and found out that I couldn’t!

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@icreate Unfortunately, Replit does not add languages anymore.

Thank you for the reply!

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can you send a link to your language?
(So I can check it out?)

Hey @icreate welcome to the forums!

Sorry, like SnakeyKing said they don’t accept new programming languages anymore, but when publishing your Repl you can select Submit As Template and once it’s published people can use the template with your code already there instead of having to fork it (I would recommend hiding those files that contain the main bulk of stuff If you haven’t already). I have done this exact thing here: Hope this helps!


@icreate did my post help you solve your problem? If so please mark it as the solution so people with similar problems in the future will know how to fix it.

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