Can you please add the programming language Sonic Pi?

Add the programming language Sonic Pi

It would possible bring more users to Replit and give existing users more options of coding languages

I didn’t have my raspberry pi with me and I couldn’t install the coding language on the computer that I was using but I still wanted to write some music.

Thanks for your time.


Don’t quote me on any of what I’m about to say, I really don’t know for sure. (What I’m about to say comes from the perspective of trying to get Sonic Pi running in a Repl since it may theoretically be possible with Replit as is.) Sonic Pi creates music through code (you could argue music is a form of code, sheet music is incredibly like a programming language). Now you can get Sonic Pi via Nix into a Repl, but how would it play the sound, that’s the tricky part. Replit would probably need to build some very custom template for Sonic Pi (which I’m not saying is a bad thing by the way). If you were really desperate, I’m sure there are some hackish ways of getting it, like one would be to actually install Sonic Pi and use Replit as just a virtual machine which I know is possible… Long story short, Replit adding a good way of using Sonic Pi would be awesome!