Can you find Repls by Google Search? How?

So I have good sites that I wish popped up when I search on Google.

I searched up one of my sites (Toki!) and it didn’t pop up.
I searched up another repl named BruteForce, it’s much more popular, but I can’t find that either.

Both are HTML/CSS/JS so do I have to put tags to make it work, or maybe some JS? Is it just that you can’t find repls on Google (or Bing or something like Yahoo, essentially any search engine.)

I mean you could type in the link like this:

search the name of your repl like this: repl name doxr replit

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Do you mean instead of how you would search it, you want other people just searching on google to find it. In that case it probably has something to do with Google Analytics.

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@doxr You can use the <query> site:<website> syntax to search for something specifically using Google.

For instance if you wanted to get results specifcally for “python” look up python and the first result is the Python template.

I couldn’t specifically find Toki! with this method, but if you’re on Google find the :gear: (settings) button and select it. Then select Advanced Search. This might be able to help you more.

Repls certainly do get indexed by Google (a search for “” returns a lot) but you may need to explicitly tell Google to index it, using Google Search Console. If there’s something preventing it from being indexed, search console will tell you