Can we get certificate after completing 100 days of Code?

print(Let’s Discuss)


That’d be a great idea!


Can you please answer that?

Sorry, but I can’t tell you if you will get certificated, I will contact David and ask him!

While that’s a cool idea, I think it is unlikely given that all you have to do is press mark as complete on each day. There’s no method of verifying that you have actually completed the tutorial, hence you could not be certified upon marking all days as complete.

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How can you contact David?

But this has been issued by Replit

I’m not sure what you mean? The tutorial is issued by Replit, yes, but Replit can’t certify that you’ve completed the tutorial simply because you’ve marked all the lessons as complete.

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Via email or twitter also taging him.

@DavidAtReplit What do you think of this idea? I could make a certificate template example!

Or tagging him here. So @DavidAtReplit do you get a certificate or something for completing the course?

Hi David!
I am Arhan
I want to ask can we get certificate after completing 100 days of Code?

We’re discussing that at the moment, hopefully something a bit more exciting than just a certificate but there’ll be something!


Free cycles for completion!?!


It is a badge of honour if you have something to show to the community about your accomplishment. All I need is a sticker of some kind in my profile, but excited to see what you come up :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks for telling me David!

Hi David and Replit Team

I am not sure how to contact you, so I am trying this.

I completed the 100 days Python Course today, can you guys not give us something like a Completion Certificate, simply showing we complete the 100 day course?

Just need to add your way of presenting is great, thanks for that David

Please let me know @ ********

I think that a certficate will be great!

Tag him

Remove your contact details
Add it to your bio instead

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We’re planning something for this but we haven’t quite got there yet! We’ll make sure to email users that have completed the course when we’re ready to go