Can we change the laughing emoji?

Specifically the :laughing: reaction.

I would like for :laughing: reaction to change to something like :joy: (:joy: or :rofl:) because personally it seems more like a post is funny. I know this is a personal preference, so I made it a poll:

  • :rofl: (rofl)
  • :joy: (joy)
  • Keep the current reaction
  • Some other laughing emoji (comment your idea)

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I am assuming that this is able to be changed but I don’t know, I am just pretty sure lol

Let’s see if we can get this emoji changed.

Edit: realized that some people who voted had their vote removed. Please revote (I really hope that this edit won’t change the votes.)
Edit 2: if you are wondering, if you reacted with joy, it would look something like this:


rofl plz it accually works bro

I added both of them, but personally, joy seems much calmer.

yea ig that true but rofl could be extreamly excited

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What if:

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:rofl: is :laughing: but it’s better than ever.

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No, it’d look like this: image

and it’d look like this if you hover on it: :joy: